Issue 46 - January 2013

From the Editor:

Happy New Year!

As exciting and rewarding a year as 2012 was, it is hard to imagine topping it. But Fraction has been so fortunate to build its audience month after month, and as the readership grows, so does my passion for enabling emerging photographers to get exposure for their work.

Beginning with this issue, Fraction will begin offering one image from each featured photographer (if they are able to participate) for sale as a special Fraction Edition. The selected photograph will be available for sale as an 8.5x11" signed print, in an edition of 12, for $100 through the Fraction Editions site. Following Fraction's most successful Holiday Print Sale, I felt it was important to allow Fraction photographers to build on the momentum of being featured in an issue and give their audience an opportunity to collect their work throughout the year.

Looking forward to another great year!

-- David Bram


Average Americans of the Right Type by Jordan Baumgarten

Mississippi by Missy Prince

Photographs from Staten Island by Christine Osinski

In Dog Years by Anthony Earl Smith


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Book Review:

Daniel W Coburn reviews Gary Briechle

Mary Goodwin reviews Left Behind: Life and Death Along the U.S. Border