Issue 35 - February 2012

From the Editor:
It is no secret that photography, like many creative fields, is a male-dominated art form. I have always been very conscious of showing equal amounts of work from both men and women in Fraction. Since the first issue, Fraction has featured 184 photographers (not including the original group shows or Fraction J). From that number, 87 were female artists. (Fraction Archive)

Although Fraction aims to represent men and women equally, I think it is important to highlight female photographers in a male-centric art form. This issue marks the third time Fraction has created a female-only issue. Issue 12 featured Susan Thelwell, Noelle Swan Gilbert, Isa Leshko, Celine Wu and Francesca Yorke. Issue 23 featured Jennifer Schlesinger, Jennifer Shaw, Nan Brown, S Gayle Stevens, and Susan Burnstine. All of these women have continued to build their reputations for creating strong, original work.

Building on this this talent, Issue 35 includes the work of Bex Finch, Julia Kozerski, Susan Barnett, and Jennifer Hudson. These four artists' work range from photographing strangers to brutally honest self-portraits. I am thrilled to add these artists to the Fraction roster, and I am sure you will enjoy exploring their unique and inspired imagery.
-- David Bram


Not In Your Face by Susan A. Barnett

The Sleepwalker by Bex Finch

Medic by Jennifer Hudson

Half by Julia Kozerski

Book Reviews

Dolls and Masks reviewed by Daniel W Coburn

The Bridge At Hoover Dam reviewed by Ellen Wallenstein


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