Fraction Magazine : Three Years in the Making

The following selection of photographs from the last three years of Fraction Magazine will be on exhibit at the
Rayko Gallery in San Francisco from August 11 to September 20.

Please join us for the opening on August 11.

From David:
"Fraction Magazine began as a way to achieve one goal – to present really great photography to the world. Three years and twenty-nine issues later, this is still Fraction’s primary goal.

I was thrilled when Ann Jastrab approached me about curating a show at RayKo of artists who have been featured in Fraction. To bring a selection of work from the screen to the gallery wall was something I had always wanted for Fraction and for its artists. RayKo is the perfect partner, and I am so proud to be able to give these talented photographers such an amazing venue for the exhibition of their work.

Fraction has shown work from more than 160 photographers. It was extremely difficult to pare down the images from these talented photographers to the thirty photographs featured in this exhibit. But in the end, I feel Fraction Magazine: Three years in the making is a great representation of the depth and breadth of work from Fraction photographers.

I am very grateful to RayKo and to these photographers for helping me continue to bring really great photography to the world."

Issue 1 - Karen Kuehn 

Issue 2 - Polly Chandler 

Issue 3 - Sam Portera 

Issue 4 - Norman Mauskopf 

Issue 5 - Allison V Smith 

Issue 6 - Kirk Gittings 

Issue 7 - Michael Sebastian 

Issue 7 - Michael Itkoff 

Issue 8 - Ken Rosenthal 

Issue 9 - David Ondrik 

Issue 10 - David Maisel 

Issue 10 - Phil Toledano 

Issue 11 - Liz Kuball 

Issue 12 - Susan Hayre Thelwell 

Issue 13 - Emily Shur 

Issue 14 - Hollis Bennett 

Issue 15 - Geoffrey Ellis 

Issue 16 - David Taylor 

Issue 17 - Tabitha Soren 

Issue 18 - David Rochkind 

Issue 19 - Eliot Dudik 

Issue 20 - Kerry Mansfield 

Issue 21 - Kathleen Robbins 

Issue 22 - Meg Griffiths 

Issue 23 - Susan Burnstine 

Issue 24 - Antone Dolezal 

Issue 25 - Jesse Burke 

Issue 26 - Clay Lipsky 

Issue 27 - Tricia Lawless Murray 

Issue 28 - Josef Jacques