Geoffrey Ellis' Looks Like A Good Place For A Snack

Aside from my wife, my cats and my TiVo, there are three things I love: eating, driving, and taking photos.

As a kid, my dad would take my sister and me on day-long road trips while my mom was at work, instilling a fascination for wanderlust that lasts in me to this day. We would load up the car and head in a certain direction, just to see what we could see. We'd often come home to a big, amazing dinner. My mom was a great Southern cook who taught us to not be picky eaters and to try new things. It prepared me for living in places like LA, Miami, Memphis and San Francisco where some of the best food on the planet can be found.

I still love to get out and explore. When I drive aimlessly in whichever direction, it's inevitable I'll get hungry, so I'm always on the lookout for a good food joint. Sometimes it's junk food, sometimes it's a full meal, and a surprise taqueria is always my favorite place to stumble upon. It's the getting to a place you didn't plan on or even know existed that's the challenge. And it's the seeing things along the way that you didn't expect to see. These images are the story about the in-between times--between leaving the house and finding good eats. It's about the things I see along the way in my everlasting quest to find a great snack.

Geoffrey Ellis is a San Francisco, CA based artist.
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Geoffrey is the editor of the blog, Sadkids


Gold Corvette 

Dog and Chairs 

Read and Observe 

Used Tires 


Half Covered Car 

Skidmark / Dead Bird 

Pink Trailer 


Parking Lot Palm Tree 

Devil Girl Decal 

Sarah / Window 


Fresh Nails 

Diner Curtains 

Wedding Chapel / Birds 

I Love You / Forgive Me 

Blue Tarp Car Cover