Of Light and Shadows by Eleonora Ronconi

I have lived in California for the last thirteen years, but Buenos Aires, my hometown, still feeds my roots and nourishes my soul. I return there nearly every year, and in 2011 while wandering there again, I felt a transformation -- a shift in me that led to this latest project.

I began to revisit and photograph places of my childhood. Places I had avoided visiting or shooting because they reminded me too painfully of my father and his death when I was still very young. This time I explored without restriction or agenda, and found myself at Recoleta Cemetery. And it was there that my transition and this project emerged. 

These are images that capture those moments of escaping light, of shadows trapped in folds of stone and gravity, the vanity of cold concrete crumbling beneath the unavoidable flow of time, and the sudden and improbable lightness of hope even in the darkest moments.

Eleonora Ronconi is a Santa Clara, CA based photographer.
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Guardian Angel 

Standing Still 

Lady's Respite 




The Sculptor 

Walking Angel 

The Labyrinth  


The Hidden 

Broken Pieces 


Crumbling Memories 

Life After Death 

Juan Carranza 

Shadow of Guilt