Natural Selection by Daniel George

The contemporary landscape is detailed and intricate. It is divided into segments that are separately owned and diversely maintained. Through photography I am exploring these unique subsections that form this complex environment. I am observing and recording these characteristics to better understand the makeup of my surroundings. I am interested in learning why particular locations are given such special attention. I am focusing on variations of land, which reveal an individual’s personal reflection of, and relationship to the environment. Directly manipulating and placing objects within the landscape conveys this interconnection. Often, the attempt is to emulate an ideal natural world. I am especially drawn to interactions that are distinct and whimsical. I view these spaces as types of sub-landscapes, which when assembled depict an eccentric man-made world. These images are my contemplation of artificial environments with quirky intricacies that describe the formation of the modern landscape.

Daniel George is a Savannah, Georgia based artist.
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East Canal Street 

Bryan Woods Road 

Marshview Road 

Northwest Radial Highway 

Turnbuckle Court 

Gragg Street 

Blue Heron Drive 

White Bluff Road 

Charlene Street 

North Stark Street 

Sea Island Parkway 

Duval Street 

West Congress Lane 

Bowsprit Lane 

Downing Avenue 

Earl Avenue 

Beech Street 

North 156th Street 

West Bay Street 

North 186th Avenue