The Last Road North by Ben Huff

The Last Road North is a portrait of Alaska's Dalton Highway. At 414 miles, the Dalton is the northernmost road in America, and was constructed solely as a transportation route to serve the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay. This dirt scar cuts through a heartbreaking landscape, and provides the photographs with a backdrop that depict a landscape, and people, at the fine edge of frontier and progress.

During this project, I drove during all seasons – moving when I felt the pull, sleeping in my truck, and waking with the light to court the landscape and revel in the fleeting relationships with strangers that only a shared path can afford. There are no stop signs, byways, or crossroads on the Dalton. No amenities or services to speak of. People don't stumble onto this road – to be there is to have a need. To be searching. Always north or south – advancing or retreating. At the end, always oil.

Ben Huff is a Juneau, Alaska based photographer.
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m.172, 2008 

m.24, 2008 

m.111, Dirk & Torsten, 2009 

m.102, 2011 

m.2, Leroy, 2008 

m.186, 2010 

m. 95, 2010 

m.212, 2009 

m.75, Alfred, 2011 

m.250 #5, 2009 

m.346, 2011 

m.251, Thomas, 2011 

m.344, 2011 

m.394, 2011 

m.403, 2009 

m.489 #1, 2009 

m.489 #2, 2009 

m.489 #6, 2010