Dear Anonymous by April-lea Hutchinson

Some say that a photograph is always a self-portrait of the photographer, regardless of who is in front of the camera. That is particularly true for this series of nudes, which reflect how I feel from the inside. I'm drawn to shooting in this intimate, anonymous, and mysterious style, perhaps because I felt ashamed of my own body as I was growing up. Lots of people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but I believe the viewer can still connect powerfully with the subject when the face is obscured. Body language can communicate closeness, vulnerability, and even emotions. The technicians might say that shooting in this style is a faux pas, but I beg to differ. They may have their rules to guide them, but I have my gut, and I trust it.

April-lea Hutchinson is a London, Ontario Canada based artist and model.
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self portrait 

reveal polaroid 

purple sweater 

blind fold 

her hand 


self portrait #2 

space in light 

" V " 



chocolate polaroid 


red dress 


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